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    Is your business failing, do you wish you knew exactly what to do to fix it? Is your Marketing consistent? Do you have a great marketing and business program and website that drives leads to you all the time?

    Do you wish you did?

    The Most Effective Marketing Program-Attract new clients-Increase sales!

    The Executive Edge has developed an effective program that starts with a “snapshot” of the current state of your online and offline marketing and goes on to identify some marketing initiatives that we know, through experience, will drastically increase revenues and more importantly, generate greater profits.

    Our plan, simply put, has specific phases...

    1. Research Trends in Your Industry and Adopt the Best Practices
      Analyze everything: Hours of operation, web design, their message , your message, price, quality, service, delivery, sizes, variety, etc.

    2. Research Your Competition and Develop a Better Marketing Message
      Analyze everything your competition is saying and write a marketing message that has better, more strategic content: tag line, slogan, headlines, sub-headlines, supporting text, guarantee, urgency/scarcity, call to action, etc.

    3. Integrate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Into Your New Marketing Message
      Analyze the keywords that people are actually searching for online, analyze the amount of competition for each of those keywords – metatags, backlinks, title, description, etc. and make sure that your copywriting contains everything necessary to generate online traffic and ultimately clients.

    4. Develop and Brand Strategic Content
      Now give your newly developed strategic content to expert designers who will create a design around the content that will be put on your website and in proper marketing mediums that you know will generate clients.

    5. Improve Your Sales Process
      Your new marketing message now becomes your new sales message. Make sure that your sales team is properly trained to implement the new message. This is a great opportunity to analyze your whole sales process and develop new sales strategies.

    6. Continue To Test , Measure and Improve the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Message
      Here is where most web design falls down. Web designers sell web design. While their job is finished, The Executive Edge is just getting started. We work with you from 3 to 12 months and make sure that your message continues to get better and the number of clients that it generates, continues to increase.

    7. Increase Your Marketing Reach
      Don’t limit your marketing efforts to one or two initiatives. As your revenues increase, so should your marketing budget and therefore your number of marketing initiatives. Most successful companies only spend ¼ of their marketing budget on internet marketing, which means ¾ is spent on traditional marketing initiatives like print, radio and TV media.


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