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    With more than 20 million people connecting with Facebook Fan Pages every day, it is a must have for you to promote your brand and connect with your audience. With our Facebook strategies and service, we create a great-looking, lead-generating, cost-effective Facebook Business Pages and “like” strategy.

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    Why? Because there are 1 billion people on Facebook worldwide and Facebook is transitioning themselves to a search engine, where, if you’re not on there with a great (I mean a great!) business page and like strategy you’re missing the boat!
    Get access to the world’s most Powerful Facebook fan page strategy and get 10,000 Facebook fans. That's right 10,000!

        Facebook for Business
        Starting at Just $299.00 - With over 700 million+ active users, Facebook is transitioning itself into a search engine. Having a Facebook Business page is not just important but critical, this can get your business the important exposure it needs.

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        • Bronze Fan Pages

          A single tab fan page layout based on one of several templates you can choose from. We then will colorize or brand the theme to suit your business

        • Silver Fan Pages

          Custom designed fan pages based on your existing website design or branding. We will create a beautiful layout with clear call to action for your custom fan pages

        • Platinum Fan Pages

          100% custom designed fan pages based on a design consultation with your assigned Internet Marketing advisor. Supports multiple pages on one tab and clear calls to action and conversion goals

        Facebook Fan Page Design & Facebook Marketing Service

        With over 1 Billion active users, a diverse demographic, integrated communications tools and new BING search integration, more and more Facebook users are staying "inside" of Facebook. They are searching, learning and socializing inside of their account. They are asking friends and family for referrals when they have a need for services. Being present is critical, if you want your business to be found.

        Facebook for business has become so popular, business owners can no longer consider it a site for just socializing. In fact, claiming your Social Media Real Estate is a critical part of any online strategy. Facebook states that users spend over 799 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

        Produced by one of Calgary's most reliable web design companies - contact us today and learn how to leverage Facebook for Business marketing today!

    We know marketing secrets will get people to join your Facebook Business page.  We provide strategies to get everyone clicking your “like” button.

    Now I'm offering a “like” page strategy, a landing page and a website for $397.

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    • Will Facebook even help my company create more customers?
    • The Top 3 mistakes when creating Facebook Pages (make this mistake and it could MURDER your page)…
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    • The 7 Things you must do right after creating your page (and why making it public is the WORST thing to do right away…)
    • Will it be time consuming after I create a Fan Page?
    • How do I attract loyal fans and turn them into customers?
    • Do fans help my business?

    The average Facebook Fan is worth over $130!   Facebook stats report a fan being worth $3.60 annually! The proof is there. And the better you set up your Fan Page, the better results you will see.  The most important part is getting off on the right foot, which is why I put together the Fan Page Secret Guide. It covers all the must-have basics that 85% of Fan Page owners overlook. 


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