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  • What's the best Guarantee in the industry, 100% Money Back. That's what we believe and as far as we know we're the only marketing company bold enough to stand by our work and offer it!
    Most other marketing companies don' offer and kind of guarantee.

    Money Back Guarantee

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    That's right! We've been working with so many businesses, in so many cities, for so long, that we've gotten pretty darn good at what we do. We're so confident, in fact, that we offer the most powerful guarantee in the industry!

    We start with an in-depth assessment of your business... Its successes, challenges and goals. We analyze what is keeping you from achieving those goals and then we put together the solution to your challenges...

    One of The Most Detailed, Step By Step Marketing Plans For Business - Only $1000.00
    We generate an easy to follow, chronologically prioritized "To Do" list of exactly what you need to do to market your business to success.

    This 2-3hour, in-depth MRI assessment and marketing plan costs only $1000.00.
    Fill out the form below and it will take you to the payment page.

    Here's Exactly HOW You Do It
    We then create a customized program based on the information gathered. The cost of your program depends on how much of our help you need and how long you'll need it for. Most programs are one year in length and come with our 100% Money Back Guarantee...which states that after living up to your end of the terms - which include making a fair, honest attempt to follow your customized plan, if you're not satisfied with your results, we'll refund your money.

    Book your marketing audit today...Call (403) 246-7386 and ask for Allan Fine.

    So during the workshop we identified you need some help, formatting your pages and redesigning your website. This is a chance for us to get together in person 1 on 1 to go over:
    1.Your website
    2.SEO, backend coding,
    3.All you online and offline marketing, your website copywriting and more.
    4. We’ll go over 300 questions + to identify where you leaving money on the table.

    This is a great deal, and I would very much like to work with you.

    As I mentioned on the workshop at the very end, so many of you in the past have asked for my help and that's why I offer my marketing audit at such a great price.

    Normally for everything. I'm offering you it would be about $2993.00.
    If you have your feedback form and your other form with your credit card
    information into me by Sunday, I'll be happy to honour the price of $1000.
    I mentioned at the end of the workshop.

    For that you get,:

    1. The marketing audit itself, 2 hours-one on one
    2. Your very own copy of Dragon dictation 12  -$199 Value
    3. #1 Learning Linkedin from the Experts
    4. LinkedIn Domination course
    5. Attract your Perfect Audience email templates- $297
    6. Added Bonus- 80 Point Business Marketing Checklist

    Altogether a $2993 value - for only $1000.

    I will give this offer to the first five people only who send me the feedback forms and by the package.
    Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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    Why Us?

  • Over 30,000 websites around the world choose to work with us.
  • Over 10 years experience
  • 100+ engineers, developers, & designers
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back!
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