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    Do you need an app or QR code design for your company, at The Executive Edge we can do just that.

    Calgary Mobile App Development

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    Mobile Websites

    Most websites are not created with a mobile audience in mind. Although many smart phone developers have done an excellent job at allowing for robust usability including zooming in/out, double-tapping, etc., many clients are now requesting a standalone mobile version for their sites.

    Nowadya most Eveerryone in Canada has a smart phone. Wouldnt it be great if your Customers could easily contact you over and over again. No fumbling looking for your contact info, just press a button and Shazam! it comes up with a great variety of ways to call you, email you or order from you.

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    App Development

    Mobile apps creation is the top level of mobile development. Rather than creating simple textual/image content, mobile apps are often developed for specific devices (ex. iPhones or Blackberry) and perform specialized functions. Often, larger companies have specific applications for their staff or clients often making use of proprietary functions such as GPS location services. Locator apps or local versions of content are both frequent requests of Mobile App Development.

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    Need a APP designeed for your company, we can help.

    We design QR codes and Apps for companies and we can design one for you.


    • Contact tab – used to contact business
    • Coupons tab – GPS coupon, similar to foursquare. Can access coupon when you are in certain distance to business
    • Email photo tab – used to email current photos or snap a photo and send it
    • Events tab – used to set upcoming events in a calendar
    • Flexible counter tab – used to input any items and then add or subtract “points” (i.e. sports team-update stats and can email to anyone)
    • Home tab – home page with direct calling, directions, and tell a friend
    • Image gallery tab – displays images in a gallery
    • Info tab (1,2,3 tier) – multiple tiered information for menu’s, company employees,  etc.
    • Mailing list tab – prompts to join newsletter
    • Menu tab – used for restaurants, can input prices. Good for single item input.
    • Messages tab – push notifications
    • Mortgage calculator tab – self explanatory
    • QR coupon tab – QR scanner, gives coupon
    • Restaurant reservation tab – for making reservations
    • RSS feed tab – used for blogs
    • Tip calculator tab – self explanatory
    • Website tab – used to input any website (not flash iPhone)
    • Wufoo form tab – links to Wufoo form

      Apps and QR codes


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