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To promote your products and services over the web, it is imperative to use the right words. Your website copywriting has to be better than even the best if you really want your powerful message to be delivered into the hearts and minds of your customers so that they will buy only from you. So you have to remember two things while copywriting for your product: writing custom copywriting for the product and making the content keyword- rich- in order to benefit Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is another powerful tool in online marketing.
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Powerful Website Copywriting that converts viewers into Buyers!

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Are you in search of the right words to promote your product or service?
Having trouble trying to connect with new prospects or existing customers on your website?
Looking for a freelance copywriter?
Perhaps you are a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) firm, web designer or interactive ad agency that needs high impact copy for your clients.
Whatever your website needs may be, we can deliver your powerful message into the hearts and minds of your customers. /strong>

Improve Search Engine Rankings & Sales Conversion with an SEO Copywriter.

The Executive Edge is the fastest growing firm in the country. We give our online clients exactly what they need, when they need it, and at an affordable price.  We can produce copy for any size customer; be it a  Fortune 100 company, web startups, web designers and of course, for Search Engine Marketing firms, where we have developed partnerships with 15 of the top firms.

Whether you need better search engine rankings for your keyword terms, greater conversion once customers get to your site, or both, we deliver copy that generates results.

What's our secret? Conversational, keyword-rich copywriting that persuades with power and conviction.
What drives us? A passion for writing and search engine marketing.
Are you in search of the right words to promote your product or service? Having trouble trying to connect with new prospects or existing
customers on your website? Looking for a freelance copywriter? Perhaps you're a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) firm, web designer
or interactive ad agency that needs high impact copy for your clients.

9 steps to effective copywriting:

1. Have a powerful headline

Your introduction should provide insight as to what the entire section is about. Since this is the first thing that your readers will read, you have to keep their interest with the introduction so that they move on to body of the site.

2. Like a newspaper, use columns or blocks of text

Since it is more straining to the eyes to read things on the web, keep your sentences simple and short. Break your paragraphs frequently as well, to give your readers’ eyes a break.

3. Keep your content relevant and informative

The key element to content writing is to maintain relevant content. You must only include what appeals to your readers. It is also best that you keep your content informative because people that search for articles on the web are looking for answers. To keep them interested and to keep them coming back, give them what they want – the information they came to your site to get.

4. Write good headings

Since it is more straining to read over the web, breaking your paragraphs with good headings is a way to keep your readers reading. There are also times that people only skim through an article so having headings makes it easier for them to see if they can find the information that they are looking for within your article.

5. Use the right amount of keywords

Website copywriting has to be done in such a way that it gets your potential buyers to pick up the phone or email you from the site. As well, your keywords should be inserted into your articles to help you rank in the search engines. However, if you overuse your keywords, your content writing might suffer. Overusing keywords will tell the readers that you are not actually writing to inform but just to gain some traffic. Spread your keywords evenly throughout your article and insert it in such a way that it looks natural and not disruptive. Use a great keyword research tool like Market Samurai.

6. Provide examples

When people read articles, especially if they are trying to inform themselves, giving them examples helps them understand you better. This tells the user that your site is informative and that you are experienced in what you do.

7. Engage your readers

Content writing is better done in a conversational tone. This makes it easy for readers to follow your thoughts, understand what you are trying to tell them and makes them feel that you are a real person. You can include questions that you think they’d ask as they read and then immediately answer these questions.

8. Include images (if you can)

Showing them what you are talking about will keep them interested. Plus, this is a good way to keep their eyes glued to your web page. This is especially necessary when you are talking about a specific product.
Studies show that when people have a visual of the product they are more likely to buy it. If you are explaining procedures, having images of how the procedure is done is also helpful. It makes it easier to follow your instructions.

9. Call to action

Persuade your readers (in a subtle way) to perform an action after they read your article. It could either be buying your product, recommending or sharing your site to others, or directing them to open a certain link. Content writing is a form of marketing and as with any marketing strategy; your main goal is to guide your audience to take action.

Every Page is a Conversion Page; 

Here are just some of the advantages of our sites:

  • Event Registration - for your company workshops, company golf tournaments, or other important events
  • Newsletter Subscription - so that you can continually market to potential clients
  • Client Funnel - compel them to convert and "drip" market to them
  • E-Marketing - send messages to large numbers of people in minutes
  • Content Management System - allow you to easily edit your website any time



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