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So many new changes have been made by Google in the last two years, we would need 10 pages to talk about all of them. The good news is we keep up with those changes, and constantly adapt.
What that means for your company is high rankings on page 1 of Google for your number one key phrase.

Here are just a few of our top ranking websites we designed and gotten to page 1 of Google.
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If our SEO services can rank our own websites in the Top 10 results of Google, Yahoo, BING and for the most competitive keywords in our industry “SEO, SEO Rates, SEO Services, SEO Consulting“, then just imagine what we can do for your business. Call (403) 246-7386 for a no obligation, no pressure quote.

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Getting Traffic

- As a SEO Expert in Calgary, we know what EXACTLY to do step-by-step to get tons of qualified searchers to your websites… even if you have a very limited knowledge of search engine optimization, we make it understandable for you

- Why you need to be VERY careful where you market your website on the Internet (Make this mistake and you could be in the hole thousands of dollars)

- Where almost EVERYONE in our industry drops the ball when they market online (And how to not flush your hard earned marketing dollars down the drain)

- Why going after the wrong kind of traffic can actually harm you in the search engines and cause your site to disappear from Google

- What you must do if want your site to be in as many places as possible where your prospect would be searching

- How to use Web 2.0 tactics to get lots of traffic

- How to "sell the click" (Get more people to click on your site in the organic search engine listings)

- How to find little known "hot beds" of traffic

Search Engine Optimization

- Discover a little known secret that will get you to the top of the search engines FAST (This can be done on a shoestring budget and will blast your site right to the top of Google)

- I was taught this "Super Technique" that will absolutely make the search engines LOVE your site and reward you by ranking your site high for TONS of keyword terms

- How to get multiple listings at the top of the first page of Google (This can over double the amount of clicks you get)

- How to optimize your site to rank high in Google… WITHOUT getting your site banned for "black hat" and spammy techniques

- What to NEVER put on your site unless you want Google to drop it completely (I had someone try to do this one of my sites and it almost cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars)

- How to make sure the majority of your site doesn't end up in Googles dreaded "supplemental index" (I'll show you how to stay out of the 'supplemental index' and avoid the "slow death syndrome")

- The best ways to get TONS of high powered links back to your site that will help you in the search engines big time (If you want to dominate the search engines you must do this or else you will fail)

-  What to NEVER to put in your meta tags (You must avoid this one unless you want to Google to see you as a spammer… which is something you definitely DON'T want)

- Why the old way of Search Engine Optimization that most website owners try will NOT work (I see so many people doing this and it's the kiss of death for their sites)

- How to get to the top of the search engines and STAY on top (Getting to the top is one thing, staying there is another… I'll show you exactly what to do)

- What you must do on a consistent basis if you want to be found in the search engines (Stop doing this and all those much sought after top rankings will go bye-bye)

- How your client testimonials can help you in the search engines

Pay Per Click Advertising

- How to set up your pay per click campaigns in a way that bring in tons of targeted prospects using my 'Ascending Proximity Strategy' (When I told one of the top Google Adwords experts in the world about the technique I had discovered it blew his mind… I had to make him sign an agreement PROMISING not to teach this to ANYONE.)

- What keywords to NEVER bid on unless you want to throw away a whole bunch of money (I've seen a lot of people waste almost their entire monthly advertising budget on this one little mistake)

- How to get your ads clicked on up to 100x more than your competitors (And pay way less than your competitors for a ton more clicks)

- What keywords you never want your ads to show for when they're typed in the search box (This is one of those make it or break it things in Google Adwords… I feel sorry for anyone in our industry who tries to use 'pay-per-click advertising' and doesn't know this one little secret)

- How to dramatically increase your "Quality Score" so you can make the most amount of money while spending the least amount of money to make it

- Where on the page you want your ads to show and where you DON'T want your ads to show (And how to avoid spending most of your money paying for clicks that are nothing but your competitors snooping around and multi-level marketers trying to find your site so they can solicit you and get you into their "downline")

- What to do right away when you set up your Adwords campaigns so you don't waste a TON of money on useless clicks

- How to dominate the search engines using Pay-Per-Click marketing (Do this and you'll make a ton of money)

Get your Website Evaluated for Free!!
If youre you wondering if your Website needs any work , get a free evaluation!!

Other Methods of Paid and Free Advertising Online

- Secret little known places that'll get you a steady stream of new customers on a consistent basis

- What you DON'T want to do when marketing your sites… EVER

- How to know whether a site is worth advertising on or not

- How to get more traffic than your competitors, even if they have 100x the marketing budget you do

Social Media and Social Networking

- Where to spend your marketing time and energy in the evolving world of Web 2.0 and where NOT to spend it (Most guys in our industry get this one completely backwards)

- How to use Web 2.0 tactics to position yourself as the best in your market (This will immediately establish you as the ONLY solution for your prospects and it takes very little time to do)

- How to makes lots of money marketing in the Social Media sites without spending a lot of time or money to do it

- Why most website owners are going about Web 2.0 all wrong

- How to use my "Automatic Go-To Guy Positioning Strategy" on the social networking sites


- How to become a popular blogger and what mistakes to avoid.

- How I got 8039 visitors to my blog in one day using my 'Ultimate Blog Post Formula' and 'Social Media Sex Appeal Strategy' (Actually one of the top bloggers in the world taught me the 'Social Media Sex Appeal Strategy' that he never shares with anyone… when combined with my 'Ultimate Blog Post Formula' it creates mind-boggling results)

- Three simple ways to get tons of traffic to your blog on a consistent basis

- How to instantly bond with your market (Most  bloggers do the opposite of this and actually causes most people to immediately not like them and not trust a word they say)

- How to be just controversial enough to get and convert tons of traffic without offending your entire audience

- The BEST way to do a blog post that gets read by a lot of people and goes viral

- What you need to do in every post (Do this if you want people to read your posts)

- What to add to your posts that will make them 10x more powerful and interesting

- What NEVER to do on your blog (This is a mistake almost every single blogger in our industry is making right now and is literally killing their traffic and conversions)

- How to get your blog to the top of the search engines fast

- How to get lots of high quality unique content for your blog quickly and easily

- A trick I learned from an evil pro blogger that you can use to increase your opt-in rate by over 500% (This takes about 30 seconds for each blog post and will shoot your opt-in rate through the roof)

- What kind of blogging platforms to use ( And which ones NOT to use)

- What kind of plugins you're definitely gonna wanna have that'll make your life a whole lot easier

- What you want to remind your blog readers of every chance you get

- Something you want to avoid on your blog at all costs… unless you want the search engines to completely drop you

- What every blogger needs to carry around with them at all times (You'll kick yourself in the head if you don't do this once you know about it)

- How to get the top experts in the industry to follow and endorse your blog to their lists (This is much easier than you think)

- How to make your blog readers come back to your blog almost every day

- What you want to think about before you even consider creating your own blog (Don't even waste your time on a blog until you've done this)

- How to automate your blog postings so they hardly take anytime at all


- How to get your prospects into a near "buying frenzy"

- Seven simple things to maximize my 'Colossal Evidence' strategy that'll make you the "ONLY" choice in the eyes of your prospect

- 9 things you must NEVER do if you want your website to convert

- When it's OK to be pushy

- How to make your visitors do EXACTLY what you want them to do

- How to make sure your website isn't confusing the hell out of your prospects and causing you to leave massive amounts of money on the table

- 3 things you can do to your site to over double your conversions immediately

- 7 things you must do if you want your website to be effective

- What not to do on your website that 99% or people in our industry do and is causing them to lose tons of business

Get your Website Evaluated for Free!!
Are you wondering if your Website needs any work , get a free evaluation!!


- How to write effective salescopy without spending much time on it

- 7 huge mistakes almost every personal trainer makes when trying to write a salescopy (You'd be better off not even putting out any salescopy in the first place instead of making these mistakes)

- The quickest way to whip up a highly converting sales page  (Takes about 15 minutes and the site will convert almost as well as one that took hours and hours to write)

- 3 things every website must have (Most  websites are missing at least two of these things)

- The most important elements of a website salesletter

- How to become a good copywriter and fast

- When to use high powered salescopy and when NOT to use it (Use it at the wrong time and you'll scare your prospects away forever)

- How to create headlines that grab your readers attention and shakes 'em to their core… practically making them do whatever you want

- Quick and easy ways to write KILLER headlines that separate you from everyone else in your market

Video Marketing

- How to create a video salesletter that converts like crazy

- What to never do in your videos

- How to create videos quickly, easily and inexpensively

- How to use video to dominate the first page of Google

- How to use different video strategies for different desired outcomes


- How to have massive influence over your visitors

- What the most persuasive factors are known to man

- How to develop a cult-like following of people who will buy every single thing you ever tell them to buy

- Why it's important to tell your prospects exactly what to do (If you don't do this you won't make very many sales)

- How to make your visitors want to help you out in any way they can

- Things you should never say to your prospects if you want to have any kind of positive influence over them at all

- How to immediately position yourself as the ONLY person they want to buy your type of product or service from

- Why there's a good chance your current website is leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on the table and what to do about it

- Why you want to "camp out" in your prospects nightmares and how to do it

- What to keep in mind whenever you create a salesletter

Joint Ventures

- How to locate and target joint venture partners quickly and easily

- What to never do when trying to create a joint venture (This ONE mistake will cause almost every single person you approach to shut you down almost immediately… most people in our industry who try to get people to promote their stuff are making this fatal mistake)

- How to treat every single partner you have (And what to NEVER do)

- How to create partnerships with just about anybody you want (This works so well I've had countless industry leaders come to me practically begging to create partnerships)

- 3 simple ways to get the big names in the industry to endorse your product or service (The "big names" are actually the easiest to get when you use this simple formula)

- What conversations you must have with your potential partners

- How to separate yourself from everyone else out their who's trying to get the big names to promote their stuff

- The best types of partnerships and which kinds to avoid at all costs

Get your Website Evaluated for Free!!
If youre you wondering if your Website needs any work , get a free evaluation!!

Info Marketing

- How to create, market and sell information products

- How to position yourself as a "guru"

- How to work where you want and when you want

- How to build a giant list of people who will buy literally every single product you put out

Email Marketing

- How to build a big list of qualified subscribers

- How to maximize your opt-in rates (A few little tweaks can boost opt-ins by over 511%)

- How to actually get your emails read

Who's The SEO Program is
For And Who's It Not For

The SEO Program is for anyone who owns a Website or  business or is a self-employed  professional and wants to make more money marketing their business on the Internet… this includes…

-Business Professionals

-Teachers or  Instructors

-Information Product Marketers

-Beauty Salon or Spa owners

However this program is NOT for anyone who doesn't offer the highest caliber of service possible. If you're a Business owner and have a website but aren't any good at what you do, I can't  sell you this service… it would mess with my conscience BIG TIME…

The strategies outlined in the program are EXTREMELY powerful and can easily be used to mislead others… and I can't let that happen.

And yes, if your product or service sucks and you use these tactics you'll still make a lot of money in a short period of time

… but in the end you will lose… call it karma… call it whatever you want… if you want your business to succeed in the long run you'll need to get amazing results for your clients and customers.

Here's Your Investment 

When I told the few people I've actually shown my strategies to about the program and they thought it should cost between $5,000.00 and $15,000.00 to join… and for good reason.

Since everyone of them has used these strategies, they're all making AT LEAST that much extra money every month… and I only showed them a FEW of the strategies I'm gonna be showing you…

Once you learn the all the high powered marketing strategies I'm gonna teach you in the SEO program you'll be able to start just about any kind of business you want and make it succeed… because you're gonna be in the top 1% of marketers in the world.

So I can tell you one thing for sure… this program is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Here's how I've decided to price the program…

Join This Program

The total cost is only 4 payments of $500 over 4 months.

*Special Bonus*  - If you decide go with the "pay in full" option you get A EXTRA three thirty-minute one-on-one phone consulting sessions with me personally… all I ask is that you've gone through the first thirty days of material in it's entirety so we can maximize the consulting sessions. I will answer any Internet marketing questions you have.

As long as you get one client from what you learn in this program, you'll have easily covered the entire cost of the program. And client number two will be pure profit.

But if you even just do 10% of what I outline in The SEO, you're gonna get a helluva lot more business than just one or two measly little clients.( Think of the lifetime value of 1 client)

Get your Website Evaluated for Free!!

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee

My guarantee is very simple…123

Join my SEO Program.

Within 30 days you don't see your website climbing the Google ladder and then 60 days later your not on page #1 after following all my advice. I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!!!


NO hassles and no hard feelings.

You Have Two Choices

You can keep on building your business exactly as you have been… and make the same income you're making right now… or probably less the way the economy's going (It's sad but I know so many professionals who had to go get regular day jobs lately just to pay the bills)…

Or you can join SEO and grow your business to a level you didn't think was possible. You can get a non-stop stream of new business from the Internet and live the kind of life you truly deserve.

You're an intelligent person and I'm sure you'll make the right click


My advice to any business owner wanting the most cost-effective and savvy way of getting the biggest bang for your marketing dollar is to hire the Executive Edge. You will be glad you did."

- Graeme Clark (403)880.5965

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