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Out of all the Marketing companies in Calgary, we are the only ones who have "Cracked the #1 on Google Code" (Out of Millions of search Results) Why not hire a company who has actually done what you need your company to do? We can coach your company or do it all for you.

We can assist you in website design, Internet Marketing, social media programs, SEO Coaching and SEO / Marketing Seminars. Is your business weak?

Do you wish you knew exactly what to do to fix it? Is your Marketing consistent? Do you have a great website that drives leads to you all the time? Do you wish you did?


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Have you ever wondered just exactly how much traffic and business you’re missing in general and on the Internet every day? Over the last ten years, our clients have all asked us that very same question … and that’s led us to research, develop, and perfect the answer. The result… a Marketing program that completely eliminates all guesswork. .

The Executive Edge can now tell you exactly what you can expect in marketing your business with the Internet, web traffic and sales. The Executive Edge has completed an MA (Marketing Audit) for many of our clients.

It’s a very thorough tool. We’d like to custom-build you an MA.

Your MA will tell you:
• Exactly how much business is out there…
• Exactly how much of it you are missing…
• Where it is…
• How to get it…
• How long it’s going to take to start reeling it in…
• And how much it’ll likely cost.

And it’s all presented in simple, straightforward language and graphics. If Marketing and Internet Marketing are mysterious to you – The Executive Edge will completely de-mystify it. Your MA is a step-by-step GPS roadmap to your success!

Who our Marketing program is for: Our Marketing Program is for anyone who owns a business or is a self-employed professional and wants to make more money marketing their business on and off the Internet… this includes… -Business Professionals -Coaches or Instructors -Business Owners -Information Product Marketers

As long as you have that part of your business handled, you'll have long term success… but if you don't fully believe in getting your clients and customers the absolute best results you can… then please go get that portion of your business taken care of and get good at what you do before you buy a powerful Internet marketing course like this one.

Why invest in a Marketing Program?

The strategies outlined in the program are EXTREMELY powerful.  When I told the few people I've actually shown my strategies to about our Marketing Program, they thought it should cost upwards of $20,000.00 to participate… and for good reason.

Since every one of them has used these strategies, they're all making AT LEAST that much extra money every month… and I only showed them a FEW of the strategies I'm going to be showing you…

If you were to go hire an outside SEO firm, Pay-Per-Click agency and a professional copywriter that could easily add up to over $50,000.00 in costs and you wouldn't have nearly the results you'll get with my Marketing Program.

In addition, you would not have the tools and resources to effectively complete this yourself if you wanted to start a second business or put out another product you would have to hire all those people again.

So I can tell you one thing for sure… this program is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars.
Here's how I've decided to price the program…

What is your first Step?

Contact us to book your Marketing Audit.

For the nominal fees of $350, we will spend  over 3 hours with you learning all about your business We will provide you with a formalized 18 page + analysis of your business, loaded with Marketing recommendations for your business to be massively successful.

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

My guarantee is very simple…123
Join the Marketing Program for one year. Go through all the steps in the program.
If after completing the 12 month program you do not achieve enhanced Sales & Marketing skills; better solutions for clients; improvements In technology; improved Marketing message; better lead generation; more leads; more clients and referrals; increased market share; improved client retention; increased cash flow; increased working capital; increased revenues; and increased profits as a result of the program, you may request a 12 month extension. Following the extension, if you have still not achieved satisfactory results, you can request a refund on your fees excluding bank fees, interest payments, marketing audit fees, late charges or any other incidental charges that apply to financing the program
Take advantage of our Marketing Program and grow your business to a level you didn't think was possible. If you're ready to get started, just click this button now…

I look forward to seeing you in the Marketing Program,
Allan Fine 
P.S. Remember, this is the most in-depth step-by-step Internet Marketing program in the entire industry with a money back guarantee.


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123My 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Join the Marketing Program for one year. Go through all the steps in the program. If you feel like you haven't gotten the absolute best deal in your entire life, just ask for your money back… no hassles and no hard feelings

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My advice to any business owner wanting the most cost-effective and savvy way of getting the biggest bang for your marketing dollar is to hire the Executive Edge. You will be glad you did.

- Graeme Clark (403)880.5965


I wanted to thank you for the help you provided us with designing our company newsletter. Your expertise was invaluable! You assisted our company to get us from the concept stage through to completion and we are seeing terrific results., Read More
John hired Allan in 2012.

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