Linkedin Training

Unlock the potential and take advantage of the booming use of Linked In. With our LinkedIn training sessions, we will guide you through the simple steps to harvesting brand new solid leads and customers. Leveraging the penetration of social media will open doors to possibilities you never knew existed…and you do not need a technology degree to use it to its maximum potential..




Linkedin Training

LinkedIn Training Seminars

Microsoft bought Linkedin Last year, and LinkedIn dramatically changed their website in 2017. Are you prepared for the changes? Do you need a company to teach your Corporation or you as an individual, how to manage and take advantage of this new LinkedIn interface. We can help!!
Our programs/training has been recently updated for the 2017 brand-new LinkedIn interface. Contact us today!

So you’ve joined LinkedIn. What's the big deal? The big deal is LinkedIn is a never-ending source of brand-new leads that can provide you and your company the authority that you're looking for. When someone is considering working with you and your company has a presence on LinkedIn , this can be the difference between working with you or selecting a competitor.

In other words LinkedIn can make you a ton of money. Our LinkedIn training seminars give you detailed instructions on how to use the platform and how to harvest a never-ending stream of brand-new customers.

Linkedin Training

With LinkedIn you can Sell yourself – make impact with a powerful profile

  • Create authority for yourself or your company
  • Make it credible – your guide to online referrals and recommendations
  • Grow your network – introduction and invitation etiquette
  • Market your business – using LinkedIn to promote your services


These courses can also be integrated into our workshops and seminars.

The Internet and social media is changing almost every single day, you need to be on the front of Internet and social media marketing not playing catch-up.

Don’t get left behind in the online networking world, ensure you are up to date and attend one of our LinkedIn Training Courses.

What Our Clients Say

“Great opportunity to find out what you didn’t know about LinkedIn”
Susan D’Aish, WSP Group

LinkedIn training is just one of the ways we can help you and your colleagues with your business development.

A summary of our Seminars and Webinars are below. Click each link for more information about dates.

Linked in Training

LinkedIn Training Public Courses

The Executive Ege we are running half day workshops on ‘How to Get the Best out of LinkedIn’. Read on for more information on what is covered, and how you can complement your offline…

Linkedin Training

LinkedIn Training Webinars

Our experience shows that many of you are at at various levels when it comes to knowledge and experience of using LinkedIn. Our one hour webinars will give you an insight to LinkedIn and…

Linkedin Consultation

LinkedIn Consultations

If you own your own company, or work for a firm and want to get easy and fast high-end LinkedIn training please feel free to contact us and we'll get you on board right away!

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