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If your target audience consists of small to medium sized business, entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators or artists and you are able to offer personal referrals or clicks from your website, we have attractive Joint Venture Partners & Affiliates programs to consider.





Attention: Business Consultans, Coaches, Marketing Consultants, Web Marketers or Mentors


We developed and packaged a How-To market readiness program that rigorously prepares an entrepreneur to take on the role of director of marketing within their own company.

The program design has an entrepreneur complete most of the work themselves, aided by a coach who’s operational role is to support their client through the process by explaining any difficult concepts, or to provide constructive and discerning feedback on their work.

A typical coaching engagement can last between 3-12 months or more depending on the skill level and urgency of the entrepreneur, and the skill set and experience of the coach or consultant.

The goal of the program is for the entrepreneur to be crystal clear on their business model, able to articulate their business to potential clients, staff and support community, and to be committed to investing in the development of an appropriate earnings growth platform for their business.

If you are an experienced:
   • Business Coach
   • Business Consultant
   • Seasoned Entrepreneur
   • Marketing Consultant, or
   • Internet Marketing Consultant 

If your clients or website audience are typically:
   • Just starting a new business
   • Just starting to market
   • Making a shift to on-line marketing
   • Launching a new product, or professional service
   • Wanting better results from marketing

If your focus is on helping progressive entrepreneurs of small to mid-sized companies; we invite you to consider being a part of our Value Added Reseller program.

Our product is called "Grow Your Business" program.

JV Program Buy In

Unlike other JV programs, the only requirement is that you buy and use the program yourself, work through the modules and commit to learning how to deliver the program. It is vital that you have personal experience with the product, and have been trained to properly lead people through the process.

General Summary

We designed this JV program to be a win/win for end-clients, our JVs and ourselves. We have gone to great lengths to make this program assessable and flexible in its execution; to maximize the number of business owners who can benefit. 

If this sounds like an opportunity that might work for you, please complete the form provided below and we will contact you within 2 business days to discuss details, fit and next steps.

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We will consider all JV relationships where an obvious fit exists and there is no inherent conflict of interest or brand conflict.

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