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Whether you are seeking training on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or you want a company to do it all for you, The Executive Edge does both!
If our Calgary SEO services can rank our own websites in the Top 10 results of Google, Yahoo, BING and for the most competitive keywords in our industry “SEO, SEO Rates, SEO Services, SEO Consulting”, just imagine what we can do for your business. Call (587)-333-6472 for a no obligation, no pressure quote.


SEO – Calgary Search Engine Optimization

If you're not on page 1 of Google, your competition is stealing your leads.
Have you heard this before "I was searching on Google and your website didn't come
up on any the pages so I called someone else"?

Just read our case study and update on our blog regarding leaving reviews on your Google plus page via your smart phone

Calgary SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)
Calgary SEM Services (Search Engine Marketing)

Can you be Found?

So, your website is finally up and you're waiting for all these customers to come and find you and then, NOTHING!
Everyone is telling you that your website doesn't show up on any pages on Google, and so your competition is stealing all your leads!
Why? Because the person who designed your website isn't a search engine optimization specialist and therefore didn't think about that when designing your site. They forgot Local Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO.
So what is the solution? Hire a company that is on page 1 of Google themselves (That’s us!)

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What is Local Search Engine Optimization and
Why is it so Important to your business?

Regional Search Engine Optimization is a procedure that includes maximizing your website and your Local Business Listing so they show up on page one of Google for particular keyword phrases that your customers are most frequently typing in to the Google search bar.
If a person in Calgary is in need of a plumber, he will go to a search engine and type in key phrases like "plumbers in Calgary" or "Calgary plumbers". If they require something a lot more particular, they might key in "best plumber in Calgary".
The plumbers that turn up on page 1 among the search results will most likely get their business. The higher your website rankings in Google, the better your chances of drawing in additional consumers.
Search Engine Optimization for your Internet site covers these 2 vital locations:
On-Page Optimization-- This is the most typical trouble we see with company sites. In order for the Online search engine spiders to know exactly what the style of your Internet page is, it has to be developed with all the best elements. Many website designers don't understand on-page optimization and therefore the websites they design for the client don't show up on page 1 of Google.
Off-Page Optimization-- Google would like to know that others believe your site is necessary. It tries to find what is referred to as back links from other web sites. Google sees back links as a vote for your site and gives you higher ranking positions.
Regional Search Engine Optimization should target your city.
Individuals are looking for your company in your regional market and you wish to target those people using a neighborhood search engine optimization process. If you are an Italian dining establishment in Vancouver, you do not wish to show up in the search results page of somebody browsing for Italian meals in Calgary.

The 4 Keys to Local Search Engine Optimization!
1. Define your target market, then do your keyword research. (This is a huge step that most businesses fail to do and therefore the websites are optimized for the wrong key phrase that no one is looking for)
2. Determine the keywords your prospects are actually using to find your type of business.
3. Analyze the competition on page one to determine your strategy. (We use software to do the analysis and therefore know, without a shadow of a doubt ,whether you can rank on that key phrase or whether the competition is just way too onerous)
4. Optimize your website to rank on page 1 of the Google local search results for the right keywords.

How Can We Help You Achieve Page 1 Rankings Using Local Search Engine Optimization?
Higher Rankings = More Customers


More importantly we know Googles Secrets!
Calgary SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)
Calgary SEM Services (Search Engine Marketing)

SEO Company – Calgary


calgary seo services company

An introduction to how search works… by Matt Cutts (SEO’s ‘go-to’ guy from Google)

When it comes to Local SEO we have some good information and some bad information.
The problem: If you are like most local businesses, your website and neighborhood business listing is possibly not appropriately optimized to obtain page 1 ranks on Google for the appropriate keyword phrases. Don't stress, you're not alone. It is determined that over 90 % of neighborhood Internet sites are not search engine optimized.
Fortunately, by making use of a regional Search Engine Optimization company like us, you will outrank your competition and have a considerably better chance of showing up on the search engines on page 1 of Google. In many cases, local search engine optimization is not a huge and expensive job. It just needs to be done!

Calgary SEO Services
Uncle Scam Wants Your Money!

Not all Search Engine Optimization services
are created equal!
The big move by Google Local Search to replace the Yellow Pages as the go to place for local searchers has also brought out a lot of Local SEO Wannabes.
We are seeing quite a few Internet Marketing specialists profiting from “How to become a local Internet Marketer” sales courses all the time. What they are doing is luring inexperienced marketers in with these one size fits all, anyone can do this program. In other words, for a few hundred dollars, you can become a Local Internet Marketing consultant overnight.
Unfortunately, many small businesses have fallen prey to these inexperienced apprentices that take your money and produce little, if any results!

Calgary SEO Company

Local SEO is not quite that simple! Understanding Search Engine Optimization requires expertise that can only be obtained through experience and hard work. We talk with small business owners all the time that hired some local SEO specialist and ended up with no results. We look at their website and scratch our heads wondering what these specialists actually did.
Our top Search Engine Optimization specialist is a 15 year veteran of Search Engine Marketing.
He was doing SEO before it was called SEO – even before Google. There is no magic one size fits all formula. Every business is unique and has different needs.

Get Started Today with a Free Search Engine Optimization Analysis! (Just fill out the form below)
You can’t fix it until you know what’s broken! Our free analysis will review your website and your local business listing and we will report to you exactly what is right and wrong with your current SEO. We look at website structure, Search Engine Optimization, and what keywords you are currently targeting and what keywords you should be targeting. We also look at your local business listing in Google to ensure that it is properly optimized.
That’s right! No sales pitches or false promises. Once you receive your free analysis you decide what to do next. What you will find is that we offer powerful, yet affordable solutions to help you get that top Google ranking and start bringing in more customers.


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My advice to any business owner wanting the most cost-effective and savvy way of getting the biggest bang for your marketing dollar is to hire the Executive Edge. You will be glad you did."

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