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One of the major factors in ranking a website is how many great backlinks it has. Gone are the days where you link to me and I link to you and that is enough to rank your website high on a browser. That is called a two-way back link and cancels both of them out.
Today what your company and website needs are thousands of targeted backlinks to increase your ranking on Google so that your company makes it to page one of a customer’s search.
Now we have a service that we can provide that to you. Just look what it did for our site, when you Google, Calgary marketing company we are number one on page 1 of Google. We can do the same thing for your website.


Discover the power of having the one way backlinks that got our site to page 1 of Google search. We guarantee your website will appear of page 1 and we have proven results!” We all know that building high quality one way backlinks to a website is an essential part of obtaining a high ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo. These search engines count one way backlinks as popularity votes, thus giving high rankings to the sites that have been linked to the most.

However, getting these high quality backlinks can be a tedious, repetitive, and time consuming process. The Executive Edge offers an easy and affordable solution designed to help you with the tedious task of link building.

The Solution!

High quality ONE WAY backlinks from top authority sites ranging from PR2 to PR8!

Calgary back link

Did you know that...

Around 42% of visitors click on the #1 spot on Google search results?

Isn't that staggering? 12% click on #2 and 8.5% on #3.


Calgary Backlinks

This reduces in increments all the way down to only 3% clicking on #10.

The difference can be as drastic as having 2 million clicks on the #1 position and only 147,000 on the #10 position. A BIG difference! By getting to #1, you can increase your traffic for that keyword by 1,400%.

But even jumping from #8 to #3 can TRIPLE your traffic.

A powerful Backlinking campaign will get you there.
Imagine the sort of money you could be making if you were #1 on Google for all of your website’s competitive keywords! Let our backlink service help you!

That’s right! We provide high quality 
one way backlinks from top authority sites, but that’s not all. We make sure that every backlink we provide comes from sites with a high page rank, and most of them are on page rank of 3 or higher!
These are one way backlinks created on the profile section of high page rank forum sites. Profile backlinks are considered one of the most easy but effective ways to get fast ranking for your keywords. As your profile links get indexed, you’ll receive tons of link juice to your website. Moreover, we will submit all these backlinks through our blog network for additional boost to increase the crawl rate and indexing rate. While these inner pages may have a somewhat lower page rank, the high page rank and authority of the main domain itself is a great factor and will greatly increase your website’s ranking and page rank over a period of time.




As you can see, our main site is now ranked #1 for the keyword “Calgary marketing company” after consistent link building. And although search engine results often fluctuate, our site always ranks at the top for these keywords.  Results never lie and these high quality one way backlinks are simply amazing. These high quality one way backlinks will boost your website rankings and help you to completely dominate your niche within a short period of time!

“Do you see the power of these ONE WAY backlinks that can boost your website rankings? As they say: The more backlinks you have, the higher you go..”

Think about it this way, if you are able to consistently rank in Google’s TOP FIVE results, how much more traffic would your site be getting today? How much could you increase your profits if you had that extra traffic?

Finally, all that matters is acquiring a high keyword ranking. Only a high keyword ranking can drive all the web traffic you need from the first page of the major search engines. You can chose to do this tedious task manually, or you can easily reap the benefits of getting tons of profile links from high PR sites within the shortest time possible with our backlink service and get your site to the top of search engines.

The benefits you’ll reap from our backlink service are priceless: more backlinks, better SERPs, more traffic, better brand recognition, and higher profits, just to name a few. We’re confident that these powerful one way backlinks will greatly increase your website rankings because we’ve seen our customers come back again and again for our service. They’re benefiting from our service, and you can too..

“How these powerful ONE WAY backlinks can benefit your site?”

It’s a well known fact that a website needs backlinks in order to achieve higher rankings in the major search engines. Try checking out your competitors websites and see how many backlinks they have.


All these links are from TOP AUTHORITY SITES with high Page Rank.

All these links are from DIFFERENT domains and IP addresses.

All these links are DO FOLLOW.

All these links are permanent ONE WAY backlinks.

All of the sites allow ANCHOR TEXT for your keywords.

“Let us build these backlinks for you.. And save yourself from all the tedious tasks..”

Our affordable packages allow you to get the backlinks you need at a fraction of the cost. Here’s exactly why you need to pay us for the service because we know exactly where to get these backlinks from the top authority sites. If you tried to purchase one backlink on a site with a Page Rank of 5, 6, or 7, you’d easily have to pay $50 or more… for only one link! The worst part is that these sites charge a monthly fee, forcing you to pay over and over again.

For a limited time, you will be paying less than a dollar for one backlink. You will be allowed to submit up to 3 different URLs/ keywords combinations per order used for each profile. You are advise to target long tail keywords so as to maximize the effectiveness of these profile backlinks. This means that essentially you will be paying as low as $0.135 for each quality profile backlink only!

Note: Backlinks from every monthly package will be different as we search and scrape for new sites on a monthly basis. Take note that number of packages are limited based on our order loading.

Need thousands of great targeted Backlinks to your website. Now we have the services does that.
Calgary Backlinking Service

Bronze package-250 backlinks to your site
$149- over 7 days

Silver package
- You'll get our $200 bonus, which is researching your keywords for you to figure out which keywords you should use. 500 backlinks to your site
$249 -over 1 month

Gold Package- 1000 backlinks to your site -You'll get our $200 bonus, which is researching your keywords for you to figure out which keywords you should use.
You'll also get our additional $200 bonus , we'll look at your backend code on your front page and tell you what you need to change.
$399- Over 1.5 months

Platinum package- 5000 backlinks to your site.
You'll get our $200 bonus, which is researching your keywords for you to figure out which keywords you should use.
You'll also get our additional $200 bonus , we'll look at your backend code on your front page and tell you what you need to change.
You'll also get another additional $200 bonus, will look at the page that you're trying to get ranked (Usually it's your home page) and tell you everything you need to do to customize it for rankings.
$1500- Over three months


My advice to any business owner wanting the most cost-effective and savvy way of getting the biggest bang for your marketing dollar is to hire the Executive Edge. You will be glad you did."

- Graeme Clark (403)880.5965

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