Joint Venture Partners & Affiliates Wanted

If your target audience consists of small to medium sized business, entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators or artists and you are able to offer personal referrals or clicks from your website, we have attractive Joint Venture Partners & Affiliates programs to consider.

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Joint Venture Partners & Affiliates Wanted
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Affiliate Program

Join my affiliate program and make great money for every ticket you sell, just click on the Join our affiliate program b anner.

Multiple Dates join my affiliate program Calgary, Alberta


50% Commision on each ticket sold
If your target audience consists also of entrepreneurs, small to med size businesses, inventors, innovators or artists and you are able to offer personal referrals or clicks from your website, we have attractive Joint Venture Partners and affiliate programs to consider.

Grow Your Business Owners Procedures Manual

If your clients or website audience are typically:
   • Looking for internet marketing or website help
   • Lokking for a coach
   • Just starting a new business
   • Just starting to market
   • Making a shift to on-line marketing
   • Launching a new product or professional service
   • Need better marketing results and accountability

You have the ability to earn substantial sales commissions for your efforts.

Our affiliate program honours traditional telephone and email referrals as well as high-tech web-based links.

Here’s What We Offer
50% commissions on the sale of our "What to do for your Social Media and Internet Marketing in 2014"
10% commissions on the sale of all other products made by The Executive Edge.
5% monthly commissions on The Executive Edge services.

Commissions are paid monthly, via PayPal or upon collection of client payments.
We have a low $25 dollar commission payment threshold as well, so no waiting for commission cheques.

Our cookies remain active for a full 12 months.

If you can fill your own room of 20 people or more, you can earn 20% of what is earned that day! At a 20% close rate you have the potential to earn $2,000! Subsequent courses that come as a result of these sales are paid out at an additional 10%!

Our free and paid seminars give tremendous value and we have a great conversion rate. With that in mind the chances of you getting a referral or commission check is very high.

Here's a few questions you may want to ask yourself before referring anyone to our courses...

  1. Does the person I am referring have their own business?
  2. Do they have their own website or are they interested in creating a website?
  3. Are they coachable, and ready to grow?
  4. Are they interested in learning more about marketing and social media?
  5. Do they need to have a better overall presence on the Internet?
  6. Do you think they are ready to own a business rather than have a job?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then our affiliate program is for you.

Joining our affiliate program is a very simple process. Once you join our affiliate program.

Payments to affiliates are made monthly. Affiliate payments will be made on the next scheduled payment date following final payment of referees. Payments will not be made to affiliates who have not completed payments for their own courses. However, affiliate payments will be applied to course purchases.

Payments are made only to seminars and webinars.

You can also join our affiliate program by phone. Simply call 403-246-7386 #1 and we'll setup you up immediately.

*Note: The Executive Edge does not guarantee conversion of your referrals. However, we do our very best to enroll, engage and inform. In the end, it is up to your referral to make their own decision about whether or not to enroll in our courses. The names and emails of anyone you refer are for the strict usage of The Executive Edge and will not be sold or shared with any other company.

Eligibility For Consideration

We will consider all affiliate relationships where an obvious fit exists and there is no inherent conflict of interest or brand conflict.

Click for Joint Venture Partners & Affiliates , or inquire using the form provided.

To inquire please complete the following form.

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